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Secondary School





Transfer from Primary to Secondary School




Children and young people normally transfer to Secondary between the ages of 11 ½ and 12 ½, to enable them to complete at least 4 years of secondary education.


Taking account of the Children and Young People’s Act (2014), Glasgow’s policy ‘Every Child is Included’ outlines its commitment to Inclusion.



‘Every child and every young person will grow and learn in a caring and nurturing environment where they are safe and happy, active, nurtured and achieving, respected, responsible and included. They, and their families, will know they are valued and their needs will be understood and met.

Almost all children with identified additional support needs will go to school within their community and with their peers, with appropriate support based on robust, collaborative assessment.

Together, staff, families and young people will plan appropriate pathways for those few young people who require a very high level of additional support’


To inform this process, no later than December of the child’s Primary 6 year, transition meetings will be held. 


The following pathways will be considered at this time:


  • Mainstream Secondary School within the child’s local community.


  • Mainstream Secondary School with an Inclusion Centre to support children with Additional Learning Needs.


  • ALN Secondary School.


Staff, Parents/Carers, the school’s Link Educational Psychologist and other professionals will be invited to contribute their views, and to agree on recommendations for the most appropriate secondary pathway for individual children. Children will contribute their views directly within the meeting, and through a variety of means considered to be appropriate.


Following the meeting, the Head teacher will forward the recommendation, along with supporting paperwork to the City Inclusion Group for consideration.


The zoned ALN Secondary for St. Kevins is:       Cardinal Winning Secondary

                                                                          30 Fullarton Avenue

                                                                         Glasgow G32 8NJ